Fitness and Nutrition Go Hand in Hand

We see lots of professional athletes on television eating anything they want in copious quantities and yet looking fitter than they should considering what they are putting into their bodies. But this is just the result of great genetics and you need to remember that these elite athletes are really the exceptions to the rule. Most of us need to consider fitness and nutrition as one and the same thing in order to achieve even a modicum of athletic performance.

This means that in addition to all of that gym time you are putting in you need to be careful about what you are putting into your mouth. When we are young we tend to think that we will live forever and nutrition is not of paramount importance. In this country unfortunately there is a marked increase in childhood obesity because we are not

educating our children on the benefits of fitness and nutrition. Kids grow up eating junk food and sugary soft drinks and way too much juice and not nearly enough fresh fruits and vegetables like they should. Teachers and parents need to take a much closer and careful look at this glaring deficiency in our children’s nutritional upbringing.

The bad habits our kids develop carry on into their teen years and later into their adult life. Obese children become obese teens who become obese adults. The risk for heart attacks and clogged arteries and diabetes becomes life threatening for these obese people. Studies have shown that they live shorter lives. The ones that do make it into their golden years are beset with a multitude of health problems. These problems could have been avoided with earlier training in fitness and nutrition in their social strata.

If you teach a child to eat raw broccoli and carrots at an early age, that is what they will crave for the rest of their lives. Their muscle density and bone strength becomes superior and they end up becoming the elite athletes among their peers. Not only do children whose parents focus on fitness and nutrition have superior physical strength, endurance and agility, but their mental agility is also enhanced. They are able to focus on their schoolwork better and generally get way better grades.

Fitness and nutrition should be mandatory educational courses for our kids from pre-school through high school. Unfortunately many school cafeterias around the country continue to serve lunches and snacks that are high in saturated fats and calories and low on nutrients. It is of vital importance that we as a nation respond with urgency to this serious problem that involves our most prized resource, our children and their very future.

We cannot continue to ignore the benefits of fitness and nutrition education at an early age. The very future of our nation depends on our children. It is only right that we should do everything we possibly can to make sure that they are receiving the very best fitness and nutrition courses and motivation that we can give them.

Fitness and Nutrition

To stay fit, one needs to exercise. To stay healthy and well nourished, one needs to eat the correct diet. Exercise does not have to mean spending hours in the gym, and a diet does not necessarily mean cutting out all those good things we crave! But you do need to find a balance which suits you. Sticking to a healthy diet and fitness plan will ensure your body is well nourished and healthy.

The thought of exercise makes most people cringe, myself included. But not all exercise has to be a chore. Why not take up a new sport which you might enjoy? For example, a dance class. Before you know it, the class will be over, you will have enjoyed yourself thoroughly and there’s your exercise for the day! This will of course keep your fitness level where it should be – at peak!

Meal times also don’t have to turn into a bad part of the day. There are so many diet plans out today. Everyone has there own ideas. Find the one which best suits you and stick to it! Your nutrition is essential and the best things for good nutrition are fruit and vegetables. One of the simplest diets would be to just watch what you eat. Stay away from things which are too fatty, or refined. And include fruit and vegetables in every meal or snack.

Remember also to drink lots of water – especially if you are working out or playing a sport! When you sweat you lose bodily fluids which have to be replaced. Drink water before, during and after a workout. Drink water when you’re not working out! But be sure to drink an average of 2 litres a day. Only drink a sports drink if really necessary. Sports drinks are more for the seasoned athlete, who really needs to replace those carbohydrates he is burning. For those of us who are trying to lose weight or simply stay fit, water is sufficient.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition you must take everything into consideration. Decide what it is you what (to lose weight, to build muscle?) and work towards that goal. Remember that diet is as important as exercise, as exercise is as important as diet. Find your balance and welcome to fitness and nutrition which will make you feel your best!

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How Fitness And Nutrition Play a Crucial Role To Enjoy a Healthy Life

Everyone wants to stay healthy and nutrition is the most important aspect of our health, the procedure with which we utilize food for energy and healthy growth. A balanced diet always helps in reducing chances of heart disease, diabetes but still people neglect nutrition while thinking of nutrition. Both fitness and nutrition are inter-related terms but the problem is how to choose balanced diet plan. There is no shortcut to have a fit body. Only thing to do is to burn as much calories as one can consume and to burn fat, energy is required. Avoiding fats and carbohydrates only makes you little harmless but you cannot think yourself healthier by doing this.

To burn fat, you need to eat very carefully. You intake foods of many types like vegetables, fruits, fish, cereals and milk products. A balanced diet plan provides your body a proper ratio of fats, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins. Excessive intake of these products also causes adverse affects.

Every health expert always suggests you that only consuming a healthy food alone never enable your body to function properly. With balanced diet, you also need to take part in physical activities. Fitness related to various activities which enables your muscles to work regular and control over pumping of heart beat. Fitness is equally important as nutrition because it is also an essential part to have healthy life style. This unique relationship works well for those people suffering from overweight problem. Both fitness and nutrition play essential role in stimulating metabolism rate of human body.

If you are seeking to have a healthy body and want to enjoy lifestyle, you should remember why nutrition and fitness is important in your life. Replace your fatty, processed food with natural and fresh organic choices. Once you being understand the importance of nutrition and fitness, you will know how crucial role these lifestyle changes play to live a healthy and long life.